Racing cockpit conceived by real race car drivers !!

cockpit drivr1

Unique racing cockpit conceived by real race drivers for the ultimate experience. Driving position based on a real Dirt Modified feeling to enhance the reality of the experience.

  • Canadian made and conceived by real race car drivers
  • Made in high quality Canadian aluminium
  • Made for easy and quick adjustments
  • Comes in black color with ultra resistant paint
  • Ajustable screen rack
  • Compatible with all the most popular sim products
  • Very easy to setup
  • Many more options to come…


Many adjustments available for you to find the perfect racing position. Aluminum handles allow for quick and easy adjustments.

  • Screen : front / back, up / down 
  • Steering Wheel : front / back with up to a 30 degree angle.
  • Pedals : front / back
  • Seat : front / back


**Every accessories in the picutre is sold separately (Screen, Seat, Wheels, Pedals & Graphics)** 

Get in touch with us for information on a complete kit as seen in the pictures.

Available right now !

1 599$